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Inform and Inspire in 2022

with Take and Make Kits

You’ve heard many examples of how local organizations responded to the challenges of the past year. Dayton Metro Library (DML) was no exception, with the launch of a 24/7 Digital Branch, Outdoor Pop-Up Programming, Meal Distribution, Curbside Services, Virtual Storytimes, and more.

But this request isn’t about the past. It’s about how the Library is taking the lessons learned and leveraging them for a brighter future.

Empowered by the Foundation’s support, DML tried something new this year -- launching “Take and Make Kits” that put STEM activities in the hands of young learners, school-aged children, and teens. It was an overwhelming success, with 2,500 monthly kits that included all the materials needed to complete activities, recommendations for continued online learning, and a partner spotlight that connected families to regional educational organizations that focus on STEM themes such as water, nature, flight, and engineering.

But we’re not done yet.

The “Take and Make” project was so successful and received such a positive response, the Foundation is working to help make the program sustainable as an ongoing service. This is not a stop gap until returning to business as usual; this is a recognition that innovation provides a better way to serve. With your help, “Take and Make Kits” will become an ongoing resource to inform and inspire children through a new learning tool.

The Foundation is striving to raise $45,000 to help make it happen. With your support, the Library will increase production to 4,000 kits a month – including dedicated kits that will be distributed to local community partners to enhance their after-school programs.


This family from Westwood loves all the activities – and looked cool learning.


Volunteers power this program, ensuring all the activities get into each box and out to the Branches each month.

Why the Library?

Families count on DML to provide educational materials that support busy parents and create a bridge between school and home. The Take and Make program fulfills many aspects of the Library mission to inform, inspire and empower. It helps children learn, ensures access to resources that would otherwise be out of reach, and it provides career awareness surrounding the many fields that require a STEM background.

Partner Power

DML is a true collaborator, leveraging partners for greater success. This is especially true of the Take and Make program. Regional organizations are featured educational partners in serving families, and local after-school organizations use the kits to enhance their own services.

Did you know?

You may be eligible to make a charitable donation directly from your IRA to meet your required minimum distribution. Talk to your financial advisor to see if this might be right for you.

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