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Campaign Update: Your generous donations to Career Adventures helped us reach our goal! With funding from the Foundation, DML will provide enhanced technology, special summer camp experiences, and field trips to the Library for kids to explore in-demand career fields and potential educational paths. Thanks for making it possible!




Look to the future. What do you see?

There are many young people in our area who will, in a few short years, be looking for jobs and working toward becoming independent adults. Do you see the potential in each child?

You know that the middle school grades are a critical period of development, as students begin to seriously consider what they want to do and how to get there. With Career Adventures, Dayton Metro Library leverages its resources and partnerships to create immersive experiences for students to explore the Miami Valley’s most in-demand careers.

We invite you to join us and be a part of VISION 2020 - helping young people to more clearly see a path toward their future and the exciting, attainable possibilities that exist. Consider a gift to the DML Foundation’s Year-End Campaign. Your donation will help us expand the Career Adventures program to reach more kids and make a broader impact.

This is what your gift supports:


Career Adventures Day (Fall)

Career Adventures Day welcomes hundreds of students from schools across the region to explore and experience real-world careers in multiple fields. Designed in 2019, this program supports school systems with their state-mandated requirement to provide meaningful career awareness activities, and wows kids with a 21st century hands-on approach to exploration.

Career Adventures Camp (Summer)

Career Adventures Camp is a free, week-long day camp that provides in-depth, hands-on experiences for middle schoolers, as well as programs to introduce soft skills and resources. Participants build self-awareness, learn about potential careers, and develop a plan for reaching their goals. Each day includes field trips to job sites in high-demand career sectors, as well as group presentations/discussions, journaling/reflection and access to DML’s online workforce resources.

Augmented Reality
(Year-Round on-site technology)

Multiple career fields are leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. With your gift, DML can introduce this technology to students in order to showcase educational and career experiences that would otherwise be out of reach. AR headsets can take kids to a construction site or science lab, without ever leaving the Library. Hands-on and highly engaging workshops led by experts will inspire teens to envision their future and all that’s possible.

Why the Library?

Dayton Metro Library (DML) is a trusted resource for children, families, and schools. When our community partners saw a gap in the services for workforce awareness – they came to DML to leverage our collection, technology, spaces, and staff. The Library is uniquely qualified to serve as a safe and creative space, outside school and outside home, where students can explore and find their potential path.

cac photo3It’s especially heartening for the Library to meet the needs of middle school students in this way. During these formative years, youth begin to make the first demonstrations of their independence. Sometimes that includes pulling away from their family or teachers. (Kids know everything at this age, right?) This program helps re-connect youth to the services of their library and provides a stronger bond between students and learning.

The first Career Adventures Camp, a one-week pilot program in 2018 was a great success, even winning awards for innovation at the national level. But together, we can do more!

Dayton Metro Library will serve as the convener and host for Career Adventures Day and Career Adventures Camp, providing an introduction and a deeper dive into careers and cutting-edge technology. But YOU make it happen.

Can you see it? We can!

Your donation can help young people discover new possibilities, and connect to a world beyond their experiences.


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