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Spark Inquiry with STEM

There’s something special about the moment of discovery when a child grasps a complicated concept. Their pride and excitement around understanding can start a fire for knowledge that burns for years to come. When a student has access to helpful tools and resources, it can translate chalkboard theory to real-life experience, that can be the spark that leads to curiosity, inquiry, and understanding.

We invite you to join us to SPARK 2021 – together, we can encourage inquiry and support out-of-school STEM learning in a year with unexpected challenges. Consider a gift to the DML Foundation’s Year-End Campaign. Your donation will help us deliver high-quality, free hands-on STEM experiences to families most in need.

Why the Library?

In 2021, the DML Foundation will be called upon to help the Library nimbly respond to the changing needs of our region, and we need your help. Families count on DML to provide educational materials that support busy parents and create a bridge between school and home. In the past, the Foundation has helped the Library fulfill its role as a trusted partner for literacy, arts engagement, and technology. This year, with hybrid learning models in place across the region, we are seeing a growing demand for access to free, high-quality science materials.

Beloved librarians have brought STEM storytimes online – going on camera to recommend books and lead experiments.


Recognizing the lack of high-quality, free STEM materials to bridge the gap between school and home learning, Dayton Metro Library worked hard to provide valuable content to engage young minds. Librarians, volunteers, and partner educators pivoted to provide home-based science programs, educational enrichment, and career awareness. But more can be done.

DML has asked the Foundation to fund a special program that will meet community need in an innovative way. Funds from this year’s campaign will be earmarked to keep children learning and inspired by science. With support from the Foundation, children work independently or with their family to explore these STEM themes, learn something new, and fall in love with science.


In the fall, DML distributed the Learning Lunchbox, packed with science experiments, worksheets, and book lists to support continued inquiry. Families lined up around the block to claim their kits, demonstrating the overwhelming need for quality science resources.

STEM Programming in 2021

We know the challenges will continue into 2021, and with the support of the Foundation, students, teachers, and families don’t have to feel alone. Valuable resources including reading lists, books bundles, backpacks filled with STEM experiments, and virtual lessons that offer accessible home-based science projects can all help to make STEM-based learning fun.

The Library is especially dedicated to featuring community partners and celebrating our regional assets – water, flight, and nature. Science experiments and stories translate directly to the natural wonders of our neighborhoods and bring STEM home in a special way. Children work independently or with their family to explore these themes, learn something new, and fall in love with science.


During summer 2020, DML sponsored Emmy Award winning presenter Mister C as part of the Library’s STEM-mania.

The Library is dedicated to offering engaging, hands-on STEM activities to encourage inquiry-driven learning and reinforce Ohio’s Learning Standards. Projects may be targeted to specific grades, but each program or kit will include extension activities to accommodate students K through 8th grade – providing fun for the whole family.

This program fulfills many aspects of the Library mission to inform, inspire and empower. It helps children learn, ensures access to resources that would otherwise be out of reach, and it provides career awareness surrounding the many fields that require a STEM background.

It is only through support from the Foundation that the Library can offer this important resource. With this in mind, we are striving to raise $30,000 this year.

Will you help families explore the world through at-home STEM experiences, sparking inquiry for a lifetime love of learning?


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